Eric Thomas | Stuck in Adversity (Motivational Video)

Pain is Temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else takes its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.
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Eric Thomas | Stuck in Adversity (Motivational Video)
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Eric Thomas | Stuck in Adversity (Motivational Video)

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  1. etthehiphoppreacher

    etthehiphoppreacher2 months ago

    Pain is Temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour or a day, or even a year. But eventually, it will subside. And something else takes its place. If I quit, however, it will last forever.

  2. Ben Brewer

    Ben BrewerMonth ago

    Thank you Eric! Your awesome man I have developed the way I’m thinking lately to be on the grind and work hard!

  3. Abduljalil Mahama

    Abduljalil Mahama2 months ago


  4. Melissa Chavez

    Melissa Chavez2 months ago


  5. Johnathan Edwards Motivation

    Johnathan Edwards Motivation2 months ago

    Thanks ET for this inspiration, I needed to hear this....

  6. Carlysle Jude

    Carlysle Jude2 months ago

    Thank You Sir! I'm getting there, I just need to get past the fear, everyone has been great, it's laid out before me, I just need to make some phone calls. I know I can do this. ❤️🙏🌹😁

  7. Isaac Montgomery

    Isaac Montgomery23 days ago

    Love your content! Stay on it! I’m grinding! Been at it for 15yrs now. Remember the name ISAAC STEPHEN MONTGOMERY.

  8. Bryan Alcantar

    Bryan AlcantarMonth ago


  9. Kingwaddell

    KingwaddellMonth ago

    i didn’t know about how a diamond was made what an amazing analogy

  10. A Broad State of Mind

    A Broad State of MindMonth ago

    I spent an entire year wondering if I could make a USlikes page and finally just said stop wishing and just do it...when you come from nothing there’s no such thing as a loss

  11. Alisha Williams

    Alisha Williams2 months ago

    Thank you E...I needed this! ❤



    You the best bro, God bless you and your grind....amen

  13. Rene Rivera

    Rene Rivera2 months ago

    The diamond. ..recieved. Amen

  14. Big Fletch

    Big Fletch2 months ago

    Follow me on Instagram @southsidefletch

  15. haircutterjoe

    haircutterjoe2 months ago

    James 1: 2-8

  16. DeShea Smith

    DeShea Smith2 months ago

    "...Stuck at that adversity the rest of your life!" Man that a message I needed. Thanks E #EQ

  17. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas scam

  18. Abduljalil Mahama

    Abduljalil Mahama2 months ago

    U gotta have a heart to win a championship

  19. TRYumph Coaching

    TRYumph Coaching2 months ago

    🦸🏾‍♂️ If you don't like where you are then do something about it, take control and responsibility and make a change.💥You are the master of your destiny. Want to transform your life and mindset then check out our channel.

  20. Jonathan Budd Jr

    Jonathan Budd Jr2 months ago

    My mom is forcing me to watch this so I can get money

  21. Trey Purpose

    Trey Purpose2 months ago

    Kids don’t get it these days, I just motivated some kids in the gym and told them give your everything , I said practice don’t make perfect if you not practicing right.

  22. Sharon Naraine

    Sharon Naraine2 months ago

    Awesome thanks for sharing

  23. youwillnot_ outworkme

    youwillnot_ outworkme2 months ago

    The Greatest of All Time.. Thank you E! Mad love and respect from the city of wind..#Chicago

  24. SultanofKoro pngnative

    SultanofKoro pngnative2 months ago

    The Process of Making Diamonds such a great way to learn the grind. This channel has helped me get through my highschool years and Through university. Grit Factor just cannot be overlooked.

  25. PeterHSPeter

    PeterHSPeter2 months ago

    ET gonna be 90, sitting in a golden palace yelling "I WAS EATING OUTTA TRASH CANS Y'ALL"

  26. GiGi Graves

    GiGi Graves2 months ago


  27. Keisha Ferjuste

    Keisha Ferjuste2 months ago

    You stay spitting facts! Just what I needed for finals week!

  28. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas scam

  29. FrancisLuk Motivation

    FrancisLuk Motivation2 months ago

    thank you

  30. Kareem Lewis

    Kareem Lewis2 months ago

    Pain doesn't have to last long!


    FLYE GUY MOTIVATION!2 months ago

    You finish every workout , empty ! Because in the game. You must out last adversity. There is no more talent when you’re tired just grit. And willingness . The last 10 percent is the hardest adversity is the best thing that happen to me!

  32. Theo Blake

    Theo Blake2 months ago

    Great word...

  33. A-rob Is Beast

    A-rob Is Beast2 months ago

    One of the best in a long time . Let’s go ET !!!!!!! This was 🔥 fire grade A+ dissertation level stuff here !

  34. Danielle Levine

    Danielle Levine2 months ago

    Thank u these videos are inspiring me to change my life 2 more quarters and i graduate with 2 degrees!!!

  35. Bless Its Jeff

    Bless Its Jeff2 months ago

    Let’s Goooo !!!

  36. Lisa Gray /WealthyWomenTradeFX

    Lisa Gray /WealthyWomenTradeFX2 months ago

    Damn !One of the best inspiring videos🔥

  37. Paul Botello

    Paul Botello2 months ago

    I was molested at the age of 7, I never processed it as a teenager, or even as a young man. I wasn’t raised around role models in the church, my grandma might of had me say the Lord’s prayer once before bed, but nothing much after that. I found the Lord at age 24, and I’m 31 now. My walk with the Lord revealed to me that the moment I chose to never speak of, could very well be responsible for the mentality I developed towards sex, women, perversion, and sexual immoral endeavors, like Pornography. I was always worried what it could mean to my family..he was my Grandmother’s husband, my uncles father, and my mom loved him so much, unconditional love, always so grateful when he offered to help us in any way. I was afraid of speaking the truth, but no more. I told my family of this atrocity that had fallen upon me at such a young age. Although it only happened ONCE, the image remained. But there is no pity necessary here today, yesterday, or tomorrow, for I stand here today Redeemed in Christ Jesus, I stand firm in his Glory, I stand tall in the redemption of my past transgressions. The Lord pulled me away from the worst things about myself, and the more I dove into Christ, the more those things began to fall away, by the sanctity of my Salvation. I’m not perfect, but I’m here to speak over any man woman or child today that stood face to face with that DEMON OF PERVERSION, and you walked out of that room, you walked from his or her grasp, you went on to live in confusion, and doubt. For those of us who were too fearful to trust again, too afraid of being taken advantage of, hiding this moment of your foundation of youth, the youth that was intended to learn the ways of the world to carry it into the prime of your life as an adult. I’m here to tell you today, the Lord shall set you free!! The Lord has the last say in your life!! The Lord will redeem he!! The Lord will redeem she!! The Lord our God will TAKE WHAT WAS MEANT TO BREAK YOU, AND HE’LL USE IT TO BUILD YOU UP IN HIS GRACE!! HE HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR PAIN!! HE HAS MEANING FOR YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS!!Lean into his word!! Lean into his grace!! Lean into salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! You are reading this NOW!! BY THE GRACE OF GOD!! BECAUSE I AM HERE NOW ONLY BY THE GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD!! Hallelujah!!! 🕊🕊🕊 Believe he died on the Cross, believe he died for you, believe in the blood that was spilt for you!! My name is Paul Botello, and I am a survivor of Child Molestation, and it’s only by God’s love and Grace. There is redemption for you, God has it ready to unleash upon your life, and all you need to do is access through your Faith in him. There are no coincidences with Christ our Lord, if you’re reading this now, think of the chances of you being exactly where you were when you read it, how you felt when you read it, TAKE IT ALL IN and give the Glory to God!! Thank God you woke up, Thank God for the opportunity to enter this day for his Glory, for his Will!! Get rid of the things that made you feel worthless, made you feel abused..they say we can’t fight depression, we can’t fight anxiety, we can’t fight the things that run in our family..but I’m here right now to tell you today, that is a lie told by the enemy, cause I STAND HERE redeemed in Christ, unbound by depression, unbound by anxiety, unbound by the things that consume my family lineage CAUSE I AM REDEEMED AND SET FREE BY GOD!! If you were looking for a sign or the next step...this is it!! Glory be to God, Hallelujah!!🙏🏽🕊🙏🏽🕊 If you’ve read this far, God bless you, if you have a few minutes, go check out my music video “AK-Psalms47” on my page. I step foot onto the ground where the enemy tried to take my life from me, my childhood home. Join me as I go back to the place I came face to face with the Devil..”The shed with the Lime Green trim” Join me, as I take the memories of that land back, and place it at the feet of God.

  38. Darvelle Lee

    Darvelle Lee2 months ago

    Diamonds don't feel pressure! Everytime they set out to bring stress on you tell them I need more! BRING IT!! Watch the look on their faces! 😤

  39. Brian Donato

    Brian Donato2 months ago

    Thanks for the video! ET is such a powerful & introspective person - I reference him in the last video my channel on overcoming racism! I hope videos like ours inspire people out there.

  40. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas scam

  41. Mike Gray

    Mike Gray2 months ago

    Thank you

  42. Sparkle Robertson

    Sparkle Robertson2 months ago

    I Can Not Waaiiiitt to become a Speaker!!!! Thank you for belive in yourself and others. Truly inspiring

  43. Nathaniel Haslem

    Nathaniel Haslem2 months ago

    Push up.

  44. Kesse Appiah

    Kesse Appiah2 months ago

    " you wanna be a diamond, but you don't wanna get cut " 💥

  45. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Kesse Appiah amen

  46. Kesse Appiah

    Kesse Appiah2 months ago

    @karly right? I think some people don't care about the consequences because they are living in the now.

  47. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Kesse Appiah you’re welcome. People better watch what they do in the name of Jesus man. They will be held accountable

  48. Kesse Appiah

    Kesse Appiah2 months ago

    @karly thanks 🙏🏿

  49. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas scam

  50. Devo Apparel

    Devo Apparel2 months ago

    Love this page! I started a USlikes channel and clothing brand to help motivate people to chase their dreams as I chase mine! I would be honored of you checked it out! Thank you for the motivation!

  51. Devo Apparel

    Devo Apparel2 months ago

    In the midst of the pain In the midst of the opposition In the midst of problem In the midst of the struggle That’s when the fight matters the most That’s when you will know what’s truly inside of you That’s what you practice for That’s what you train for you The pain will draw out your real strength With out pressure there is no progress

  52. Melissa Chavez

    Melissa Chavez2 months ago

    Sometimes you gotta stir the pot... get it heated... too much cold cut Oscar Myer switch it up ball park style

  53. Clarissa Ramirez

    Clarissa Ramirez2 months ago


  54. DeShea Smith

    DeShea Smith2 months ago


  55. Adrian The Genuine

    Adrian The Genuine2 months ago

    🌟Fire tests gold, adversity tests men 🌟

  56. Adrian The Genuine

    Adrian The Genuine2 months ago

    Winners win while losers quit 🩸🐺USlikes: AdrianTheGenuine 🩸🐺

  57. DJDURL - Fatherhood Fraternity

    DJDURL - Fatherhood Fraternity2 months ago

    This is exactly the message i needed. I just started back vlogging with my family again bc i had to learn to love the process. Adversity comes in life, but i have to know i have a purpose beyond my current circumstances. I know my big break is coming with consistency. Thank you ET.

  58. W. Santa Anna

    W. Santa Anna2 months ago

    Despite the adversity we must continue to grind until we can find opportunities!

  59. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas scam


    LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX2 months ago

    Can’t wait to meet you I will see you soon!!!!!


    MARTHA SIMS2 months ago

    I love "The second half is when talent goes away"

  62. Kesha Coffee

    Kesha Coffee2 months ago

    Ok but when he talked about the diamond, that feels like the refining process when God is trying to make you a diamond. Whewwwwwww🙌🏾

  63. S. Flowers

    S. FlowersMonth ago

    YES! Ma’am. ET is ALL about our Lord JESUS CHRIST. Everything we are tested with on this earth, in this life is to make us better and get us ready for that next Level.

  64. Kendra Lee

    Kendra LeeMonth ago

    That one hit DIFFERENT!!!

  65. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie2 months ago

    Yesss 🙌🏽❤

  66. agent00subzero

    agent00subzero2 months ago

    That’s the part that got me too!

  67. Owl Freebird

    Owl Freebird2 months ago

    Love you E.T.!! You have so much passion!! Your words are REAL because the life you have lived was so REAL!! GODBLESS YOU

  68. Level Up 365

    Level Up 3652 months ago

    And that right there is how you kill the game... Become in love with the last 10%... 🔥🔥🔥

  69. Finesse The Boss

    Finesse The Boss2 months ago

    I listen to damn near every video. I'm going through homelessness now just fell short of my degree. I got a 9-5 but slowed up on my dream. E.T thanks for giving me that extra push every video. Everybody go hard its 4th Quarter ❤❤ we almost done blessings to everyone become a diamond after the Rough 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  70. Ray Paramio

    Ray Paramio2 months ago

    Overcome Adversity

  71. Shonna Morris

    Shonna Morris2 months ago

    Professor told me I was build to be a nurse . Today I’m a RN BSN , property owner and business owner going for a master next year .....Adversity . Don’t let no one tell you what you can’t become

  72. Peter A

    Peter A2 months ago

    Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. John 3:36 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans‬ ‭6‬:‭23 Jesus Christ is the only way, seek Him while He may be found, before it’s too late, tomorrow is never promised..

  73. BasiMental

    BasiMental2 months ago

    " Get emotional if you must, cry if you must, tell coach i need 30 mins and after that 31st minute, get yo but back up n grind! Because if you don't you'll be stuck at the adversity for the rest of ya life." Adversity is here to hurt younits here to help you! And in order to be a diamond you gotta go through some heat and it's gonna get real bit most important you need to be cut and many people are afraid of it!!!

  74. Bridgette

    Bridgette2 months ago

    "Only the person who goes through adversity wins!" "The last 10% is the hardest because you already spent their energy. " I needed this word. My fiancee died suddenly in April and I am still working through it. Was praying today that I complete 2020 strong and in 2021, I will bounce back and be better than ever.

  75. Bridgette

    Bridgette2 months ago

    @Robert Carter Thank you very much!!

  76. Robert Carter

    Robert Carter2 months ago

    sorry about your lost, don't lose faith and keep praying and stay strong God Bless.

  77. Automation Mastery For Coaches

    Automation Mastery For Coaches2 months ago

    Listening to the 50th law right now and this is right on the money. Adversity is just another opportunity. (easier said than done some days but it is the truth)

  78. Love Jones

    Love Jones2 months ago

    Thank you ET🙏🏾👍🏾👍🏾😃

  79. Financial Freedom Solutions

    Financial Freedom Solutions2 months ago

    My guy💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  80. Markel Brock

    Markel Brock2 months ago

    My guy the 🐐 🐐 🐐!!!!

  81. Jamaica James

    Jamaica James2 months ago

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. I am two days out for an exam for work. This is the third test & I needed an extra push to get me through... this was the push I needed. Thank you E!

  82. Almasi Dodson

    Almasi Dodson2 months ago


  83. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas scam

  84. Kartik Meena

    Kartik Meena2 months ago

    Add subtitles

  85. Younger Motivational

    Younger Motivational2 months ago

    Being Alive from January till today ain't no joke. Lord I'm grateful🙌💕

  86. Automation Mastery For Coaches

    Automation Mastery For Coaches2 months ago

    Isn't that the truth!

  87. Francesco Franzese

    Francesco Franzese2 months ago

    I’ll never forget the first time you said “everybody wants to be a diamond, but nobody wants to get cut” with that Rihanna sample!! 🔥🔥🔥 That stuck with me for the last 6 years!! 💎 Thank God it’s Monday!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Let’s gooo!! 💯🔥🚀

  88. Adrian The Genuine

    Adrian The Genuine2 months ago

    Diamonds go under pressure 🌟

  89. J.J. Martinez

    J.J. Martinez2 months ago

    Been listening on repeat nonstop

  90. Mike B

    Mike B2 months ago

    Stay woke

  91. manuel varela

    manuel varela2 months ago

    I like the video Is true

  92. karly

    karly2 months ago


  93. King's Sports Konversation

    King's Sports Konversation2 months ago

    My favorite part of my week is waking up and listening to TGIM! Thanks ET! And get off my guy LeBron, you know he’s the real GOAT. 😂

  94. Jerry Der

    Jerry Der25 days ago

    no he ain’t haha

  95. Steven Kietzke

    Steven Kietzke2 months ago

    Been dragging my feet But after listening to you this morning It's time to put on the heat. Cause I want to get cut like a diamond Thanks

  96. V 007

    V 0072 months ago


  97. Mia Renee’s “LIVINGROOMTALK”

    Mia Renee’s “LIVINGROOMTALK”2 months ago

    I was so hesitant to watch your videos before but the other day my hubby sent me a link and I watched it a million times ... thank you for your words of encouragement 🔥

  98. Automation Mastery For Coaches

    Automation Mastery For Coaches2 months ago

    Good to see that you gave it a chance!

  99. John Ed

    John Ed2 months ago

    Greatest of all time

  100. sun shine

    sun shine2 months ago

    Praise the Lord 🌍🌎🌏🌎😇

  101. Jonathan Simmons

    Jonathan Simmons2 months ago

    Why are they targeting these videos with online gurus that are pitching scams?

  102. Joe Anderson

    Joe Anderson2 months ago

    Thank You! 💯💪🏾💪🏾

  103. KEITH JONES - Personal Finance

    KEITH JONES - Personal Finance2 months ago

    Adversity brings out the beast within

  104. EpicDestinations

    EpicDestinations2 months ago

    I needed this today. Thanks

  105. Random videos

    Random videos2 months ago

    The motivation you need by Thomas the cat

  106. Country Motivation

    Country Motivation2 months ago

    I love you ET. I'm from Ghana and I can't wait to see you one day. Powerful piece

  107. Mr.Clutch29

    Mr.Clutch292 months ago

    This is one of my favorite ones, great work ET👍💪

  108. I will quit my job

    I will quit my job2 months ago



    POWER SOURCE2 months ago

    This channel helped me significantly. Now I create motivational videos that helps people like me who get help from motivational videos. Check it out. I would love some support and feedback.

  110. True Motivation

    True Motivation2 months ago

    Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

  111. karly

    karly2 months ago

    @Eric Thomas you going to make a random account pretending to be Eric and give a prophecy (the same one) to multiple people to scam them out of money in the name of Jesus? You reap what you sow homie. I’d be real careful. God sees all.

  112. Lesh Writist

    Lesh Writist2 months ago

    I am going to murder life after this! working on the 10%

  113. ime hezekiah

    ime hezekiah2 months ago

    Love you so much ET

  114. Dwight Jefferson

    Dwight Jefferson2 months ago

    Bout to go put this work in ET 💯 strive for greatness 💪💪💪

  115. GBOY MostRequested

    GBOY MostRequested2 months ago

    Love it man

  116. Brayton

    Brayton2 months ago

    Love watching your videos ET before I start my day. Thanks for this video 💯💯🙌🙌🔥

  117. K

    K2 months ago

    KrushGroove. And loved his comments about MJ. Trust and believe he did what was necessary in both sides of the court.

  118. JDrocks4ever

    JDrocks4ever2 months ago

    That last line he gave. "If you not ready to grind, you'll be stuck at adversity for the rest of your life" hit me hard

  119. LaVonne Hawkins

    LaVonne Hawkins2 months ago

    Felt it deep in my heart and soul. Will not be stuck in adversity

  120. Chandler Lyles

    Chandler Lyles2 months ago

    I felt that in my soul. 👊

  121. Featuring Multimedia

    Featuring Multimedia2 months ago



    POSITIVE VIBES2 months ago

    Out of adversity comes opportunity!

  123. Adrian The Genuine

    Adrian The Genuine2 months ago

    USlikes: AdrianTheGenuine 🩸🐺

  124. Carlo Gambino

    Carlo Gambino2 months ago

    These vids make me want to be president knowing dang on well I can't be 🤣🤣🤣💯

  125. A-rob Is Beast

    A-rob Is Beast2 months ago

    Lol why not ?


    C. LYONS // CONCRETE DRAGON2 months ago

    I like to watch ET before i cut my wrestling promos

  127. Shandely Adrien

    Shandely Adrien2 months ago

    I love you E.T


    4RMDAFLOWRADIO2 months ago

    Guess thats why im going this process thanks bro

  129. ThatGuyFromTexas

    ThatGuyFromTexas2 months ago

    100% Facts 🔥🔥🔥

  130. Estelle Mmathapelo Makhoba

    Estelle Mmathapelo Makhoba2 months ago

    Africa is watching