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  1. LK_ Specter

    LK_ Specter20 days ago

    Shout-out to the people gettin' it 🔥

  2. Dana Manker

    Dana MankerMonth ago

    Faith without works is dead.

  3. Jose Narez

    Jose NarezMonth ago

    Mannn.... good stuff y’all!! God bless you guys and thank you for adding value through the good information!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    MIKE THURSTONMonth ago

    I'm telling you these boys are going to change my life. I love it and I love yall, stay blessed 🙌

  5. Rakeem Johnson-Williams

    Rakeem Johnson-WilliamsMonth ago

    A lot of GEMS 💎in this episode! Thank you, guys!

  6. Jordan Norwood

    Jordan NorwoodMonth ago

    Wow god is really speaking to me through you guys! I’ve been asking god to show me a sign, tell me what I need to do with my life and this great job opportunity that a lot of people said is crazy. Now I know what I need to do. Thank you so much guys. Y’all have help me through so much since last year. These podcast are a life changer

  7. Dawn Raquel

    Dawn RaquelMonth ago

    Whitneys brother hooked her on drugs. Bobby didnt abuse her. But I do hear your message.

  8. bsanders113

    bsanders113Month ago

    Seek information not affirmation

  9. Why I Follow God

    Why I Follow GodMonth ago

    Great points

  10. Raquel Hoard

    Raquel HoardMonth ago

    CJ said a word when it came to his mom that touched me in a deep way

  11. Raquel Hoard

    Raquel HoardMonth ago

    Thank you for telling your daughters story ET. I needed to hear that

  12. Elaine W

    Elaine WMonth ago

    ..."the evidence NOT seen" speak ET!

  13. Christopher Hill

    Christopher HillMonth ago

    Any other atheists "trying" to relate or is it just me lolol?


    FKG VIDEOSMonth ago


  15. Crysloves2Eat Eat

    Crysloves2Eat EatMonth ago

    This podcast was 🔥 per usual but my mouth dropped when I heard abt the down payment assistance now Thats forward thinking to really us out🙌🏽 💯 . I can’t wait to sign up😄Much love n blessings💚

  16. BOOTS Seymour

    BOOTS SeymourMonth ago

    USPS still holding my goods but imma get it

  17. Derrick Simmons

    Derrick SimmonsMonth ago

    I had to pause after the first fifty minutes of this and reflect because you guys are laying down truth and I wasn’t even aware I was in a negative space before but it’s so clear now; thank you guys!

  18. Mrs. Kingpin

    Mrs. KingpinMonth ago

    Omg. I'm game now

  19. Dj Ad

    Dj AdMonth ago

    Faith without work is DEAD!! If you want that door open in life, Walk towards the door put your hand and the knob and twist your wrist.. GOD will knock down the refrigerator behind it because ,you put forth effort..

  20. Robert Woods

    Robert WoodsMonth ago

    Let’s gooooo!!!

  21. Ruth R

    Ruth RMonth ago


  22. Tim Fowler

    Tim FowlerMonth ago

    Y'all the truth, good podcast

  23. Maurice Taylor

    Maurice TaylorMonth ago

    It is a defined line!!!

  24. Maurice Taylor

    Maurice TaylorMonth ago

    Not a fine line

  25. Haydn-Ross Smith

    Haydn-Ross SmithMonth ago

    This gotta be one of the illest episodes to date🔥 Starting 2021 the right way! #God1st

  26. Avg 12

    Avg 12Month ago

    Inspiration from this guy is going to be short-lived. Motivational speakers are just drug smugglers. People just won't get enough of guys like him.

  27. JGreenEllisLive

    JGreenEllisLiveMonth ago

    James 2:22 "You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did."

  28. Monica D Henderson

    Monica D HendersonMonth ago

    Karl your such a sweet Daddy thats why your family/son feels so loved💜💜💜💜💜💜

  29. Trae Smith

    Trae SmithMonth ago

    What is the HBCOU?

  30. Angelo Stephens

    Angelo StephensMonth ago

    Great to hear successful, God fearing men speak on these topics. Thank you for this uplifting message.

  31. silver2zilver

    silver2zilverMonth ago

    Maybe this shit ain't for me. Maybe im just a 9-5er with no ambition.

  32. silver2zilver

    silver2zilverMonth ago

    You guys always sound so happy and okay with life now. And ppl like me are PISSED. We are getting shafted by so much bullshit that your laughter is further pissing me off

  33. silver2zilver

    silver2zilverMonth ago

    Im not always happy. So when i listen to this and im fucking pissed off. I got bills coming up, i uust broke my phone and gotta buy a new one cus i need it for work. Now im broke again. And yoh guys are here joking and laughing and i cant take you serious

  34. silver2zilver

    silver2zilverMonth ago

    You know what

  35. Robert Livingston

    Robert LivingstonMonth ago

    Watching for the 3rd time. Which is what I do with all the podcasts. Have to take notes and make sure I didn’t miss anything.💯💯💎💎

  36. Djen Inspires

    Djen InspiresMonth ago

    You guys hit the ground running with this one. I completely agree with all that was said.We definitely need to evaluate who is in our circle and the direction they want to take us in because that influence can be strong. Thanks for bringing the heat guys.

  37. Alecia Savage

    Alecia SavageMonth ago

    This is it!

  38. LeRonn McGowan

    LeRonn McGowanMonth ago

    I'm curious why Karl rocks the Boston Red Sox hat? Yes I did get the message of the show but I'm curious.

  39. Almasi Dodson

    Almasi DodsonMonth ago

    Don’t forget to like the video everyone !!! ❤️

  40. Almasi Dodson

    Almasi DodsonMonth ago

    This episode is so good 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 ETA MRER TY ❤️❤️

  41. Lisa Haney

    Lisa HaneyMonth ago

    I appreciate you guys dedication in doing this podcast weekly. I know all four of you are extremely busy. I enjoy watching the love, care, and respect you obviously have for each other. Peace.

  42. Marq Baum

    Marq BaumMonth ago

    This episode was crazy, me and my wife had some of these conversations a couple days ago.

  43. Gregory L Howard

    Gregory L HowardMonth ago

    Wow Karl my family and I are experiencing that right now with this house we renting...... I appreciate you sharing your testimony on obedience and walking in faith

  44. Alrens Antoine

    Alrens AntoineMonth ago

    Needed this, appreciate yall

  45. Son of Eternity

    Son of EternityMonth ago

    I’m only 47 minutes in so I don’t know if y’all hit on this yet but let me add something. We logically can’t go off of evidence if we are being led by faith (belief). Hear me out: evidence ONLY shows what happened (past tense), it is NOT a definitive example of what will happen 100% of the time. What I’m saying is something already happened to produce the evidence that is before u. Tre ignorantly ignored the evidence that proved it wasn’t Santa. Jemal’s evidence of having 2 girls only proved that he has 2 girls, it does not prove that he can’t have a son. If I follow the evidence that I HAD bad credit history (hence my credit score) I wouldn’t be seeking entrepreneurship in real estate. My faith isn’t determined by evidence of the past or what I might believe, my faith is defined by what I KNOW! I know I will have a wife that will bear my children and I KNOW I will have multiple properties that will support my family and my nonprofit. If I go by the evidence then I might as well quit now.

  46. Bradley

    BradleyMonth ago

    @Son Of Eternity Thank you for this message I 1000% agree evidence would make you look at the top ladder and say what the heck. I’ll say exposure is everything it gives possibles and hope to Individuals 🙌🏾

  47. Jrmusisi

    JrmusisiMonth ago

    HNY Secret to Success boss men and to the listeners. When COVID-19 hit, E.T said it was a 2019 phenomenon that manifested in 2020. We were instructed not to get distracted by the pandemic but to focus on 2020 goals we’d set. I’m happy to report that in 2020 we achieved more than we have ever done in one year. Praise be God!!! & this Podcast.....Lordt, I praise you

  48. Veno Tuff

    Veno TuffMonth ago

    Yo thank you for all of your wisdom continue to bless us with because everyone is not giving it the way you guys are

  49. Clayborn D. Momon

    Clayborn D. MomonMonth ago

    Podcast was 🔥 as usual. The 7 people that gave it a thumbs down....do me a favor: go jump in the nearest river and drown slowly..

  50. RJ Ivory

    RJ IvoryMonth ago

    “God said...” mmhmm amen, amen.

  51. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    Motives over everything!! Love that

  52. J Beverly

    J BeverlyMonth ago

    WW84 gives a good illustration of this.

  53. The Scruggs Show

    The Scruggs ShowMonth ago

    ET CJ Karl and Mal are PREACHING tonight. Pray to the source the answers will come.

  54. Derek Harris

    Derek HarrisMonth ago

    Jamal look like Dr Evil with the cat

  55. Adam Macias

    Adam MaciasMonth ago

    Karl mean with the video quality!

  56. Tikka Morris

    Tikka MorrisMonth ago

    Ok Organifi switched up. Loving the new look. 🙌🏽

  57. Project Wilson, LLC.

    Project Wilson, LLC.Month ago


  58. C Miller

    C MillerMonth ago

    Best podcast in the game. This one was a game changer for me!

  59. Victor Romero

    Victor RomeroMonth ago

    Mal really spitting out gems! Set new year goals for 2021 that's gonna change your life! 💯

  60. Lemuel Uhuru

    Lemuel UhuruMonth ago

    Happy Birthday!

  61. Ron Murr

    Ron MurrMonth ago

    15:45 I was like Jordan at 8 or 9 years old too.. I was at the table eating with the family and I was overcome with emotion at just the thought of losing them. I was sitting there eating and got lost in my thoughts. I was thinking "what if my mom and dad weren't around" and the more I thought about it the more I realized how much they meant to me and I just cried man.

  62. Antoine J

    Antoine JMonth ago

    Appreciate the wisdom fellas.

  63. Bruce Majonga Music

    Bruce Majonga MusicMonth ago

    Watching for the second time😅🙏

  64. NanaKevin WLOGS

    NanaKevin WLOGSMonth ago

    thank you! #believe

  65. Joanna Francois

    Joanna FrancoisMonth ago

    Happy New Year guys

  66. Lorenzo Jackson

    Lorenzo JacksonMonth ago

    Fill in E' background: Success is never on ____ count! _____ ____ is .....?

  67. Latebloomer39

    Latebloomer39Month ago

    Fantastic video to end the year out. Lets go MRER Alumni # Chicago!! By the grace of God, I'm closing on my first property in the next week. I would not have thought I could do it without this group. Thank you all.

  68. Latebloomer39

    Latebloomer39Month ago

    You have to do the work. I haven't passed the CPA because I haven't put in the work, period. I have to stoo playing and get at it.

  69. OG Bobby Harris

    OG Bobby HarrisMonth ago

    Blessings to ETA and all of the supporting team!

  70. S.C. Reeves

    S.C. ReevesMonth ago

    Shotout to yall! Thanks for giving me 5 years of sanity by just serving as "my boys", who hold me accountable and keep me focused when most people in my physical universe don't always get me and understand my striving mindset of the 1%. I love y'all for that more than you'll know. Happy 2021! 👊🏾

  71. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    Confirmation bias guys. I love everything you’ve done for 10 years plus. The 1 thing I notice your confirmation bias is on, is god and faith though. I believe in 1 less god than you all, and have my own confirmation biases, but thinking “god” cares about everyone and only choosing to see the blessings rather than the tragedies is confirmation bias. Don’t mean no offence by this comment because for 10+ years been rocking sharing and loving everything you do. The whole episode was amazing and i wish you all a happy new year, but just realised the confirmation bias explanation when CJ spoke about Lebron/MJ. We can look for signs to make our beliefs “true” and if it helps that’s fine, but it doesn’t make it real either i guess? My bad for the rambling - Best wishes

  72. T.C Carter

    T.C CarterMonth ago

    Happy New Year, 🥂 to another great episode!!!

  73. Itz Omar

    Itz OmarMonth ago

    What is presex?

  74. Justice For Georgia Lee Moses

    Justice For Georgia Lee MosesMonth ago

    Man!! Whoever came up with this topic at this time-thank you! To hear this episode today, the first hours of 2021-not only was it confirmation as to what is coming, but it made me evaluate the ppl who don’t have pure motives-but I keep making excuses for. Last year, I really struggled with the death of my sister and the fact her murder remained unsolved. February, I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown and God told me to give it to Him. Literally, He told me - “Faith over fear.” I did- I gave it to Him. May, through the strength of God and His timing, I pushed to have my sister’s case reopened and her murder solved. What I did not expect was to be greeted (another testimony) by a community of people who have been pushing for justice for my sister all along. My sister’s friends helped me carry the burden of so many years of suppression and un dealt with pain. I was able to reunite with my brother after 20 years, together we helped each in the healing process. I was able to go to California and confront so much pain from my past I didn’t even realize existed. I trusted God and He showed up and showed out. I don’t know what 2021 has in store but I know in my spirit God has something major planned. When we trust God the unthinkable happens-miracles!! And to the other side of the wrapping paper, someone so toxic was revealed for who they were- I could NO longer make excuses. Again, once I realized what and who I was dealing with-I had to give it to God. I’m in tears writing this because people just don’t understand how much love God has for us and that He only wants the best for us. I know 2020 was rough for so many people. For me, 2020 was a year of restoration. God restored so much of my life that I lost in the 23 years my sister has been gone. If someone told me a year ago I’d be fighting for justice for my sister, removing toxic people from my life and exposing truths I didn’t even know existed-I’d say a silent pray for them after making a crazy face. Don’t underestimate the purpose God has on your life. Through Him all things are possible. He’s kept me for 30 years and this podcast was EXACTLY what I needed to hear to start this new year. You guys are a blessing and I hope to one day sit down and talk to you guys (well me and my husband). Happy New Year and be blessed.

  75. KIKIFERS Entrepreneurial Academy

    KIKIFERS Entrepreneurial AcademyMonth ago

    Happy New Year Everyone 🎉🍷 Please help me grow my channel in 2021 and follow my page. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur who loves to inspire others☺️

  76. Juan Moore

    Juan MooreMonth ago

    Atheists punching the air with this episode 🤣 Happy New Year's 🥳

  77. JGreenEllisLive

    JGreenEllisLiveMonth ago


  78. nagim basher

    nagim basherMonth ago

    Happy new year 🎆

  79. The Real MVP Cali

    The Real MVP CaliMonth ago

    Typical female nature. Using a man for what they want


    REALOYALTYMonth ago

    Fire 🔥 Thanks ETA BEST way to bring MY YEAR Y’all continue to blessing me as well as the world praise be to the most high THANKS 🙏🏽

  81. Danielle Golden

    Danielle GoldenMonth ago

    Happy, blessed New Year's everyone!

  82. Soloman Johnson

    Soloman JohnsonMonth ago

    Too many people listen to these gentlemen give them advice. They deserve to get more likes. Happy New Year fellas, 2021 keep going strong!

  83. mr. stefan

    mr. stefanMonth ago

    𝙸 𝚛𝚕𝚢 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜

  84. modupe williams

    modupe williamsMonth ago

    love the cat

  85. echildres

    echildresMonth ago

    Apreciate y'all fellas for giving but bro we don't get down with those superstitions down here.

  86. Arsenio's English & Test Preparation Learning

    Arsenio's English & Test Preparation LearningMonth ago

    Happy New Years to ALL MY FOLKS!!

  87. Melissa Chavez

    Melissa ChavezMonth ago

    When do we start fasting

  88. Jefferson Magela

    Jefferson MagelaMonth ago

    God bless everybody. 🇧🇷

  89. Linda Eve

    Linda EveMonth ago

    YES YES YES 👏🏼

  90. Kay Elpea

    Kay ElpeaMonth ago

    My dudes!!!! HNY!!♥️ ♥️♥️♥️ & haters beware! This good stuff is gonna cause y’all to do what y’all do!!

  91. Victor Anderson

    Victor AndersonMonth ago

    Happy New Year’s 2021 mistake Real Estate Real.

  92. Carmen B

    Carmen BMonth ago

    St. Mary's a couple of blocks from where my family stayed at on Murrayhill in Detroit .👍🏿

  93. Neathy Jordan

    Neathy JordanMonth ago

    Love it! I grew up on Asbury Park! 👍🏾

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    PANKAJ BHARTIMonth ago

    Very nice

  96. Branden Williams

    Branden WilliamsMonth ago

    To the 1 percent that reads this-whatever u go through just wanna let you know you got this, you haven’t been through all you’ve been through for nothing-I gotchu , my videos gotchu to lift you up and empower you, and inspire you on your journey. So stop by some if you want, if not I hope you enjoy the rest of your day man

  97. Egide I

    Egide IMonth ago

    Guys what a gift for New Year 🎁👌🏾

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    schooldaysfoundation.kindful.com/?campaign=1100605 If you got a little to give before the year out... Help ET and the fellows out with SchoolDays 💪🏾🤴🏾

  99. brandon andrews

    brandon andrewsMonth ago

    Just starting here, perfect right before the new year!

  100. FAN OF All youtubers

    FAN OF All youtubersMonth ago

    Hii i need money

  101. Isiaha Alejandro

    Isiaha AlejandroMonth ago

    listen and apply the info and everything you need you'll get


    YOUSERWORDZMonth ago

    ALL LOVE 🙏🏾🧩

  103. Edward Bowman

    Edward BowmanMonth ago

    Fire Episode😤😤 Shoutout to the podcast listeners

  104. Melissa Chavez

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    Yes I’m going out of the k

  106. Sagazx FF

    Sagazx FFMonth ago

    *Literalmente 99% Das pessoas iram Ler, Deus te abençoe sempre* ❤️🙏🙏