S2S Podcast Episode 274 Man In The Arena

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  1. D-Nugget

    D-Nugget4 days ago

    ET preach this my new favorite podcast #dailybread

  2. By Jovan Media

    By Jovan Media4 days ago

    Get out there and do the work, don't let fear stop you !

  3. abigail vences

    abigail vences5 days ago

    I've been scared to get in the area, but now I see that if I don't take the shot I'll never know

  4. 91WriterzStatus

    91WriterzStatus10 days ago

    I'm with him on overthinking lol.

  5. FitLife 120

    FitLife 12011 days ago

    46:49 young man declared for the nba draft while these critics will be sitting on their mom couch... EJ Liddell will be fine

  6. Michelle Wright

    Michelle Wright11 days ago

    Karl's on fire! #groundscrewstandup

  7. UponThe MeadowsOfSpring

    UponThe MeadowsOfSpring12 days ago

    Phenomenal episode! May God bless you all 🙏🏼

  8. Clayborn D. Momon

    Clayborn D. Momon12 days ago

    Karl is a huge inspiration. Keep inspiring us S’s bro! I have wasted so many years of my life playing it safe.


    TRIBE OF MENTORS13 days ago

    I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it's proactive and there is positive intent behind it.

  10. Djen Inspires

    Djen Inspires13 days ago

    I always loved that quote and it made perfect sense to me. It is really an example of life to be honest,to everyone out there who is facing criticism in life , In terms of you not being where you went to be by a certain age ,failed relationships,lost jobs, just hold on,I am proud that you are still in the arena to fight another day.Amazing podcast as usual guys.🔥

  11. CasAndCamFam

    CasAndCamFam13 days ago

    This is Cas love you work! Have a question what if your not sure of what shot to take ? And been taking shots all your life ?

  12. You Tube Modern University.

    You Tube Modern University.13 days ago

    Eric You Know Your Are Change My Whole Life.

  13. 3GetItDone

    3GetItDone13 days ago

    Motive Matters 🔥🔥🔥🔥 When Karl shared how CAREFUL he is...scratch that...used to be...I TOTALLY identified with that behavior. Hearing it from someone else helps me see how limiting that is to my process and progress. Thank you all for sharing! Thanks CJ for recollecting “The Man in the Arena” excerpt from President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 “Citizenship is a Republic” speech.

  14. Adam Macias - Tech Reviews

    Adam Macias - Tech Reviews14 days ago

    45:00 Amen to that. Being drafted last to being the best. I don’t care what team he’s on I appreciate that once he was put in they never took him out.

  15. Tyrice Coates

    Tyrice Coates14 days ago

    We know E.T. is...but Jamal is also brilliant! Jamal’s quotes.. 1. The man in the arena should be congratulated for making it to the 1%! 2. It’s good when you don’t win sometimes so the win doesn’t “Make” you. 3. C: There is a cost to losing. Jamal: There is a cost to not being in the game. Which do you want to pay? 💥 🔥 💯 4. The game should never come down to one shot anyway! If so, the whole team is accountable.

  16. Tracey Ray

    Tracey Ray14 days ago

    You guys rock 💪🏾💪🏾I love y’all Kings building Kingdoms....Keep praying and pushing🙏🏽

  17. Fleeting Beauty by Simply Kim

    Fleeting Beauty by Simply Kim14 days ago

    I always get so much out of watching your show on Saturday mornings! The sports analogies were on point and applicable to workplace and personal goals. The perspective of hurrying up to fail to get where you need to be is life changing for the better. #paradigmshift


    TRIBE OF MENTORS15 days ago

    You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.

  19. Victor Romero

    Victor Romero15 days ago

    winners fail more than the average people even try.

  20. Micheal A.O. Wilson

    Micheal A.O. Wilson15 days ago

    I have nothing to lose. I got to get in the Game and Play!

  21. Vidal Lowe

    Vidal Lowe15 days ago

    Mind over matter!!

  22. Gregory Dicks

    Gregory Dicks15 days ago

    This 1 Here Is The 1! Printing That 'Man In The Arena' Out And Hanging It Multiple Places Around The Crib! Especially By The Bed So When I Wake, I See & Read It Before Beginning The Day! Great Episode Fellas 💯🤜🏽🤛🏽

  23. Dawn Clay Fitness

    Dawn Clay Fitness15 days ago


  24. Venetia B

    Venetia B15 days ago

    Feelings eliminating amazing results 🔥


    TRIBE OF MENTORS15 days ago

    The vibe is legendary, ET much loves

  26. T.C Carter

    T.C Carter15 days ago

    Another amazing episode 👏🏾

  27. Very Wise Alternatives

    Very Wise Alternatives15 days ago

    I am willing to lose-- lets Gooooo

  28. Hannah Scott-Willis

    Hannah Scott-Willis15 days ago

    Ima need a C and S style podcast @karl I need all those vibes!

  29. Freddie Sapp

    Freddie Sapp15 days ago

    I have to say this that beat is FIRE. I did get alot out of the podcast that has enlighten me. But honestly my head just bobbin when the music came on.

  30. Angela Bolds

    Angela Bolds15 days ago

    People have Paralysis Analysis and don't move at all.

  31. Mark Jeffrey

    Mark Jeffrey15 days ago

    There is no effort without error and short comings . . . Who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly!

  32. Chance Eckert

    Chance Eckert15 days ago

    56 miles like what she go to 7 11 once a week for a year?

  33. Chance Eckert

    Chance Eckert15 days ago


  34. Richard Baldwin

    Richard Baldwin15 days ago

    Best podcast out🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious Investor15 days ago

    Using your failures rather than theory - this is gold dust!

  36. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious Investor15 days ago

    Amazing seeing Karl fighting and going for it. Resonate with him most from a personality perspective and it's all about failing fast!

  37. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious Investor15 days ago

    The man in the Arena - Love that quote!

  38. Kristi A

    Kristi A16 days ago

    Thank You All for sharing the BEST of yourself Not just giving us the Rest of yourself...these podcasts are so full of great information from the start of the podcast to the very end...thank You for making us feel so important! Thank You for investing in the lives of people. So Grateful!

  39. Robert Livingston

    Robert Livingston16 days ago

    Karl, Brandon blow that money and needed it back 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂 if he couldn’t give you feedback that’s exactly what happened 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

  40. PrK Zoomin

    PrK Zoomin16 days ago

    Count your blessings not your problems.

  41. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez16 days ago

    You’re a real fan if you know exactly how much time to skip for the ads 😂 it’s used to be 3 mins str8

  42. I G

    I G16 days ago

    I would have liked to have heard how CJ felt about getting injured in high school and not being able to go pro? That would have been a good addition in regards to insight about this particular topic and how he bounced back...💯. Maybe in another episode...👂🏾.

  43. S Shaw

    S Shaw16 days ago

    Great conversation tonight, fellas! 🔥

  44. Jay Gee

    Jay Gee16 days ago

    There’s a reason the players get paid to be in the Arena (however little it may be) but the spectators have to pay! Regardless of the shots you make miss, the Man in the Arena always gets some kind of reward, while the critics have to pay something just to be able to watch.....

  45. Justin

    Justin11 days ago


  46. Bradley

    Bradley15 days ago

    Wow Great perspective Your exactly right

  47. Home Team Records

    Home Team Records16 days ago

    "If you miss 100 shots, reload and shoot it 100 more" - J$PH

  48. Matina Georgeon

    Matina Georgeon16 days ago

    How have I not heard this quote. Great podcast! Thank you and God bless!

  49. Kay Elpea

    Kay Elpea16 days ago

    The man in the arena needs to hear from the gang S2S..that would be truly Dope. (I’m still listening)

  50. Intangible Inches

    Intangible Inches16 days ago

    If the title for the next podcast isn't 'YOU KNOW?' I'm done listening 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #C - I lost count 17 minutes in at 26 'you knows' then I said awwhh C done rubbed off on E 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤣

  51. Dakota Alualu

    Dakota Alualu16 days ago

    Soo appreciative for this podcast!

  52. Marie Designz

    Marie Designz16 days ago

    I’m throwing in all my chips!!! Building up my podcast, custom shirt business and becoming a software engineer!!! One step away from being out of the warehouse🙏🏾🙌🏾

  53. Dallas Dyson

    Dallas Dyson16 days ago

    Webull and thinkorswim for day trading stocks.


    ALIMIT OFFICIAL16 days ago

    Always from the heart. Respect King E.T🙏🏽

  55. R D

    R D16 days ago

    Mark 10:30 blessings come with persecution.

  56. BerryBTalks

    BerryBTalks16 days ago


  57. bambam704 Lynch

    bambam704 Lynch16 days ago

    I took the disc test 2 days ago it was a great experience

  58. Marcia Paige

    Marcia Paige16 days ago

    So proud of you Carl!

  59. Amos P. Wellington

    Amos P. Wellington16 days ago


  60. OG Bobby Harris

    OG Bobby Harris16 days ago

    Love love love

  61. Catherine Huff

    Catherine Huff16 days ago

    LET'S GO Fam!!

  62. obai n.k Karefasmart

    obai n.k Karefasmart11 days ago

    Jeep wrangle rubicon it make be slow but it go everywhere it was

  63. MrMlowery

    MrMlowery16 days ago

    Been watching you guys for about 3 years. The pandemic happened and it gave me a little more time to go back and view some of your earlier podcasts. Since Jamal has been with you guys, I’ve really dug in, getting my wife motivated as well. In 2020 my wife & I were able to purchase several properties in which to build on, creating a legacy for our children & our children’s children. Thank you all for what you poor into those who are willing to receive & act on it. You guys are awesome!!! #LoweryLegacy

  64. MrMlowery

    MrMlowery9 days ago

    @Spenser thanks! No limits!!!

  65. Spenser

    Spenser9 days ago

    Congratulations! Keep building.

  66. Life Is My Opportunity

    Life Is My Opportunity16 days ago

    I lost my job during the pandemic I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌍

  67. Anthony Bingham

    Anthony Bingham14 days ago

    Loved watching this podcast

  68. Goalhunt Productions

    Goalhunt Productions16 days ago

    Don't feed yourself toxicity. Start doing and don't even think about it.

  69. Ebay Addicts

    Ebay Addicts16 days ago

    We appreciate you Eric Thomas 🙏