Eric Thomas | Reveal Your Greatness ( Motivational Video )

Both Desire and Imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, Both have the potential to position a Person for Greatness
Reveal Your Greatness | Eric Thomas ( Motivational Video )
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  1. etthehiphoppreacher

    etthehiphoppreacher12 days ago

    Both Desire and Imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, Both have the potential to position a Person for Greatness

  2. Monique Turner #NPAP

    Monique Turner #NPAP4 days ago

    Amen, I would love to be at your next event as a guest speaker

  3. Britain Porter

    Britain Porter7 days ago

    Where are those kids now? Curious how they came out from your famous video.

  4. Malcom X

    Malcom X11 days ago

    Hold fools accountable

  5. Melisśa Muñoz

    Melisśa Muñoz11 days ago

    🙏🏾 Yes

  6. SoBlessed To BeABlessing

    SoBlessed To BeABlessing11 days ago

    Thank you 💯💯💯👌🏾

  7. The Police

    The Police3 hours ago

    Is it me or does he sound like will smith

  8. Chinese David

    Chinese David2 days ago

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  9. Chinese David

    Chinese David2 days ago

    Thanks Luiz .+

  10. Neks Life Stories

    Neks Life Stories2 days ago

    Today I finally understand the meaning of when you wanna succeed as bad as you want breathe ( life situation making me feel like I’m drowning)

  11. Lisa Barnes

    Lisa Barnes3 days ago Prima di tutto, l'attuazione degli obiettivi pianificati fornisce un'ampia gamma di partecipazione (specialistica) alla formazione di metodi innovativi di gestione dei processi. Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, la teoria esistente predetermina l'elevata domanda per le posizioni assunte dai partecipanti in relazione ai compiti assegnati.E anche i diagrammi mentali non sono altro che la quintessenza della vittoria del marketing sulla mente e dovrebbero essere descritti nel modo più dettagliato possibile! Le azioni dei rappresentanti dell'opposizione ci chiamano a nuove conquiste, che, a loro volta, devono essere bloccate nel quadro dei propri vincoli razionali. 現代の技術は、既存の理論が大衆参加のシステムの形成への幅広い(専門家)参加を提供するようなレベルに達しています。社会志向の国家プロジェクトに向けたコースでは、新しい提案の定義と改良が必要であることに注意する必要があります。

  12. Gawain Fraites

    Gawain Fraites3 days ago

    Glad to be back watching your videos. They make me feel better, be better

  13. Monique Turner #NPAP

    Monique Turner #NPAP4 days ago

    It’s Go Time. The process of hinting that has him looking like a beast.

  14. Andre Franklin

    Andre Franklin5 days ago

    Man E, I've been slippin. because I'm eating good and I promise myself, that I'm going to change my diet, Thank you Brother.

  15. Shaquana Applegate

    Shaquana Applegate5 days ago

    The imported gorilla conceivably soak because jaw archaeologically wail unlike a loutish slice. psychedelic, mixed tuna

  16. jtc90

    jtc906 days ago

    Every time I listen this man, I feel like I could run through a brick wall.

  17. A. Sullivan

    A. Sullivan5 days ago

    I'm a woman and I feel like that too! Every time I watch him.

  18. Anthony Boateng

    Anthony Boateng7 days ago

    I Love You ET❤

  19. Jr Lopez

    Jr Lopez7 days ago


  20. Jhavinherway

    Jhavinherway8 days ago

    🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 yes lord

  21. Anna Brooks

    Anna Brooks8 days ago Va notato che i test sintetici creano i prerequisiti per l'analisi dei modelli di comportamento esistenti. Conclusioni banali ma inconfutabili, così come chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione, sono riuniti in interi gruppi della loro stessa specie.Dati i comportamenti chiave, l'avvio del lavoro quotidiano di posizionamento rivela l'urgente necessità di posizioni assunte dai partecipanti in relazione ai compiti da svolgere. Come parte della specificazione degli standard moderni, gli scenari di comportamento degli utenti di base ci richiamano a nuovi risultati, che, a loro volta, dovrebbero essere limitati esclusivamente dal modo di pensare. 組織の任務、特に絶え間ない量的成長と私たちの活動の範囲は、活性化のための適切な条件の複雑さを考慮に入れて、生産計画にいくつかの特別な措置を含める必要性を生み出します!まず、総合的なテストにより、緊急のニーズを満たすトレーニングシステムの緊急の必要性が明らかになりました。 すでに何度も言及されているように、政治プロセスの要素は、独自の種類のクラスター全体に結合されます。多様で豊富な経験から、前向きな計画は驚異的な規模と壮大さの実験に十分な機会を提供することがわかります。

  22. AYUBA Michael

    AYUBA Michael8 days ago

  23. Trey Purpose

    Trey Purpose8 days ago

    People love getting started but don’t love the process, that’s real.

  24. Pink* October

    Pink* October8 days ago

    This Content Is So Dope‼️ -Embrace The Process -Believe In Your -Step Up Your Will To Go For It -Be Ridiculously Driven

  25. Ryan Griffin

    Ryan Griffin8 days ago

    Thanks you Eric you got me through nursing school 7 years ago. You helped repair my marriage over the past 3 years. You’ve given me the confidence to grow a hobby into a 6 figure income. I just got a real estate mentor and I’m launching another business this fall. Thank you thank you thank you

  26. Tom Cohn

    Tom Cohn9 days ago

    he had to offer to send the coaches out of the room b/c of his experience trying to engage the Panthers over a year ago

  27. Shawn White

    Shawn White10 days ago

    My man said for the ones that ain’t raise their hand you needs check them first ‼️ if that ain’t the TRUTH 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  28. Lindsay Singleton

    Lindsay Singleton10 days ago

    You been motivating me for years now. The power of your knowledge is real life feed for the body.

  29. Lo Da Truth

    Lo Da Truth10 days ago

    ET helped me in incredibly 2016 now he will most certainly help me in 2021

  30. DaksBled

    DaksBled10 days ago

    hearing that old video.... goossebumps

  31. entrepreneurfitz

    entrepreneurfitz10 days ago

    Preparation is key. I talk about this all the time on my channel! Great video and message. Very practical

  32. Aeryton Ramshaw

    Aeryton Ramshaw11 days ago

    The baby cub ends up looking like the lion is because... he had a lion in him 🙏🏼🤟🏽

  33. Ebay Addicts

    Ebay Addicts11 days ago

    Smash the like button 👍👍👍

  34. Kvon Royale

    Kvon Royale11 days ago

    ET and team y’all on fire with this one! The editing and message in this is Sheesh! Got it down to the science.

  35. James Pinheiro

    James Pinheiro11 days ago

    Texas A&M actually ended up winning all of their home games this season! And they only lost to one team ... which was Alabama who actually won the championship! Texas A&M also won the Orange Bowl vs UNC!! Incredible turnaround!!!!

  36. modupe williams

    modupe williams11 days ago

    this is good

  37. Daddys Savage

    Daddys Savage11 days ago

    I’m grinding 5 miles a night with no coach with nobody but me and the dark! The dark will mold us !

  38. Phasing Out

    Phasing Out11 days ago

    Bane shit!

  39. Jonathan Spencer

    Jonathan Spencer11 days ago

    Great word

  40. PS Thrower

    PS Thrower11 days ago


  41. Nathaniel Haslem

    Nathaniel Haslem11 days ago

    Check myself first another Masterpiece thanks ET.

  42. Endurance - Motivation

    Endurance - Motivation11 days ago

    The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

  43. StephenEAnthony

    StephenEAnthony11 days ago

    The few people that disliked this video are the ones who didn't raise their hands in that room.


    GOGGINS EVERYDAY11 days ago

    If you choose to do something, attack it - David GOGGINS 💪

  45. Realms of dimension

    Realms of dimension11 days ago

    power of dreams

  46. Al Cato

    Al Cato11 days ago

    Nothing but the truth

  47. John Heath

    John Heath11 days ago

    I remember the first day this story was shared with me. Life was forever changed. Y’all don’t know #magicmondays #TGIM

  48. Lithalethu Funeka

    Lithalethu Funeka11 days ago

    I'll be there one day I'll be somebody keep practicing you'll...

  49. Calum Trainor

    Calum Trainor11 days ago

    *Tony Robbins dislikes this*

  50. Peter A

    Peter A11 days ago

    JESUS LOVES YOU!!! He loves you so much that He hung on a cross and took upon Himself all the sins you would ever commit, the question now is “Do you love Him”? How do you genuinely show your love to someone? What is the greatest showing of love? The answer is sacrifice and then time. Christ Jesus paid the cost for us, through His sacrifice on the cross that we may live a life of health, deliverance and prosperity. How can you pay Him back? You can pay Him back through spending time with Him, thanking Him for the privilege of seeing another day, and by reading His word “The Bible”. He offers you the free gift of eternal through having a relationship with Him, and partaking in this relationship immensely benefits you . He protects, guides, provides, heals, delivers, prospers, blesses you, and so much more. A true, authentic relationship involves communication on both sides. Christ Jesus is often taken for granted, many don’t give Him the slightest of acknowledgement, regardless He is still merciful and loving. Seek Him, acknowledge you’re a sinner, lost without Him and destined for destruction, REPENT, REPENT, REPENT, believe in your heart wholeheartedly what He did for you on that cross and His resurrection. Confess with your mouth that He is Lord, and you’ve taken your first steps on that straight and narrow path to eternity in heaven with Him. And in this process your life will never remain the same, He will give you the Holy Spirit and grace, which will transform you and enable you to overcome sin, temptations and addiction and live a life that shows your love for Him. Slip ups happen, no one is perfect, but through asking for forgiveness and by His grace it will occur less and less. And you will enjoy pleasing Him and living a righteous life. You have everything to gain in Christ Jesus. Have a blessed day!!

  51. Allen Mitchell Gardner

    Allen Mitchell Gardner11 days ago

    Yes Sir!

  52. Covert Wolf

    Covert Wolf11 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh let’s get ittttt

  53. The Solopreneur

    The Solopreneur11 days ago

    2021 let's get it‼👊🏽

  54. Brandi Monique

    Brandi Monique11 days ago


  55. Phasing Out

    Phasing Out11 days ago

    Check yo bitches

  56. Q Makes It Happen

    Q Makes It Happen11 days ago

    What's done in the dark will eventually come to the light 💯

  57. Ashton McMillan

    Ashton McMillan11 days ago

    Here for the Monday motivation! Have to lock in! Have to set goals and stay focused on those goals! “It’s the hunt!”

  58. T Boz

    T Boz11 days ago

    Beautiful teaching. ✊🏾

  59. Adam Macias

    Adam Macias11 days ago

    “It is in making good decisions that make you look that way!”

  60. Ohemaa Ebony

    Ohemaa Ebony11 days ago

    It’s the Hunt that makes you look like greatness 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  61. Benjamin Robert Graham

    Benjamin Robert Graham11 days ago

    "I'm human. I need to be checked too." That's the truth. Accountability is key. Great team members will call you on your slip ups and excuses.

  62. Juan Cruz

    Juan Cruz11 days ago


  63. Raymond Minewiser Jr

    Raymond Minewiser Jr11 days ago

    Throwback with the guru story 💯

  64. mindgame

    mindgame11 days ago

    ET where can I get your mixtape! I miss listening to them in my vehicle.

  65. John Richo

    John Richo11 days ago

    TGIM always and 4ever E.T. you have been my inspirational preacher since 2012 I'm proud of your achievements in your Life gave me the mind heart and soul to strive for my Greatness Thank God for your existence Godspeed

  66. SoBlessed To BeABlessing

    SoBlessed To BeABlessing11 days ago


  67. Dimpho Claybeth

    Dimpho Claybeth11 days ago


  68. EBT

    EBT11 days ago

    Was up for a reason 🙌🏾 All Glory 2 GOD It’s Time & I Will REVEAL MY GREATNESS!!! Thank You for Being you ET 🙏🏾 Sincerely, EBT

  69. Misael Sanchez

    Misael Sanchez11 days ago

    Number 3 is weak

  70. abiri abdullah

    abiri abdullah12 days ago

    Sir eric thomas i hope that you see this comment .it took me 9 years to get a bachelor degree and i got it. And then just today i have completed my master degree. I came here to thank you. You are part of my journey you motivated me when nobody there. And im starting my own business i came from nothing and now heading to the top.your words always opened the gate of possibilities. I really hope to meet you one day and thank you personally.

  71. Motivation

    Motivation12 days ago

    “People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” Best, Motivation team

  72. Man Like Innocent Ortiz

    Man Like Innocent Ortiz12 days ago

    The real grind is in the dark where nobody sees you.

  73. Cj Dorsey

    Cj Dorsey12 days ago


  74. Brandon Ahmed

    Brandon Ahmed12 days ago


  75. TipthaBarber 336NC

    TipthaBarber 336NC12 days ago

    Lets go!!!


    GOD IS KING FX12 days ago


  77. BerryBTalks

    BerryBTalks11 days ago


  78. Grow Taller New Ways

    Grow Taller New Ways12 days ago

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  79. Official Rose Doll

    Official Rose Doll12 days ago

    Early gang

  80. The Stella D

    The Stella D12 days ago

    5 years after watching you, I get it now ET!!! I just posted my first USlikes video. It’s a letter I recorded to myself forgiving myself and letting go of any and everything that’s been holding me back that I can no longer hold in or hide. I wasn’t making it to post but even though the video was full of emotions, once I got done with it, I know somebody else needed to hear it. I was going to post it on IGTV but it was too long which forced it to be my first USlikes video now. I just posted it 10 minutes ago and when the upload completed, your notification for this video popped up. Even if one person sees that video, by this notifications popping up, I feel like God is confirming that the timing is now perfect to reveal myself more than what I’ve been doing and now that I’ve let the last of my hurt go, I feel 10Xs lighter which I’m feeling now is giving me room to go 10Xs harder. I’ll meet you soon! Thank you!!!!!!

  81. sun shine

    sun shine11 days ago

    Congratulations 😇

  82. The Stella D

    The Stella D11 days ago

    Thanks so much!!!!🖤

  83. Nurse Bae Jade

    Nurse Bae Jade11 days ago

    I'm PROUD OF YOU!!!

  84. Brandi Monique

    Brandi Monique11 days ago

    CONGRATS to u for claiming back your power!

  85. Firdous Mushki

    Firdous Mushki12 days ago

    Someone's opinions of you does not have to become your reality...... Focus on ur WHY.... Focus on ur purpose of existance.. Focus on ur 24 hours....... Itz nothing but the game of focus... Wherever focus goes energy flows...... The key is never stop the positive internal conversation..... Between you and you

  86. Lance Schmidt

    Lance Schmidt12 days ago


  87. Williy_ 2cool

    Williy_ 2cool12 days ago


  88. Billy Bouzeid

    Billy Bouzeid12 days ago

    Dr. Eric Thomas GOAT

  89. Gregory Torres

    Gregory Torres12 days ago


  90. Abduljalil Mahama

    Abduljalil Mahama12 days ago

    Great message... U gotta have a heart to win a championship

  91. Sven S

    Sven S12 days ago

    Thank god I'm awake on another monday! Thank you ET - I'm in medschool and last week I got my results - I ACED it! This was all a result from hard work studying every day until midnight for a whole year. It did not come easy for me but it was the best feeling ever to have hard work pay off in this way! I sacrificed so much - It was extremely hard on my relationship and hardly ever saw my friends. Discipline and hard work is the key - you won't get lucky if you are not prepared!

  92. Valeria Barragan

    Valeria Barragan8 days ago

    Good for you, congratulations 🤍

  93. Sean Regehr

    Sean Regehr11 days ago

    Congratulations! FYI - There is no luck. "Luck" is what people who have no idea what hard work looks like call it when the hard work finally pays off.

  94. Darksun30

    Darksun3011 days ago

    Congratulations! You will be a great doctor because of this!

  95. Sven S

    Sven S12 days ago

    NOBODY WAS WATCHING WHILE I WAS STUDYING - That's when it really counts. Now evereyone is proud and celebrates with me. But now one knows about my late and lonely nights in my books.

  96. Cynthia Banks-Holman

    Cynthia Banks-Holman12 days ago


  97. The JK Girls

    The JK Girls12 days ago

    Show love to some 7 year olds with a dream an check out at least 1 video on Our channel......Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

  98. Amado Guzman

    Amado Guzman12 days ago

    First like

  99. Ke’Anthony Wilson

    Ke’Anthony Wilson12 days ago


  100. Ke’Anthony Wilson

    Ke’Anthony Wilson12 days ago

    Winners Circle 💪🏾.. Stay Blessed

  101. Keiana Parks

    Keiana Parks12 days ago

    I’m up ET!!

  102. Yung Jew

    Yung Jew12 days ago

    Let’s goooo

  103. AR 2K

    AR 2K12 days ago