S2S Podcast Episode 270 - 17,150

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  1. Nicky And Moose

    Nicky And MooseMonth ago

    Honored to officially be in the family with the greats!!

  2. Matt Jones

    Matt JonesMonth ago

    Y'all were always great. Keep inspiring us!

  3. Berenice Hernandez

    Berenice Hernandez4 days ago

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  4. Ilissa Walker

    Ilissa Walker19 days ago

    I love all of them but my two favorite guys at the same time this is just the greatest podcast ever.

  5. Kristi A

    Kristi A23 days ago

    I’m so Grateful for these podcasts!.. Thank You for making my heart happy!! Thank You for sharing your hearts....And helping me change my thinking into something great!! Thank You for investing in people!!

  6. dariannaarnold

    dariannaarnold26 days ago

    I've been a bit behind but maaaaan... As always, I'm so glad I went back and watched this!!!!great👏🏽episode!!!! #DrippingDiligence!!!!

  7. Terrance Woods

    Terrance Woods26 days ago

    Karl said "ask for forgiveness not permission". Woah!

  8. R D

    R D29 days ago

    So thankful for you guys, just got my bachelor's degree at 37 years old. Totally changing my way of thinking. Forever grateful 🙏

  9. Joshua Hart

    Joshua HartMonth ago

    Freaking awesome

  10. Massmetician

    MassmeticianMonth ago

    The wealth gap is real. Antonio Moore (Tone Talks) has been on this for years. My wife and I are high earners in corporate America and we feel the pressures from so called “survivors remorse.” We are looked at as being the rich people in our family. All that we do is go to work everyday, and invest in our children and our assets. Jemal and ET are speaking about truth, strength, endurance and legacy. I really appreciate all you guys on this podcast. You all have helped me grow.

  11. Joshua Hamilton

    Joshua HamiltonMonth ago

    I am here for Inky.

  12. Japeria Williams

    Japeria WilliamsMonth ago

    Just absolutely love this episode. Thank yall soooo much

  13. Allison Poole

    Allison PooleMonth ago

    Always on point.. I’ve been listening to every podcast for the last year!! You all are amazing

  14. OG Bobby Harris

    OG Bobby HarrisMonth ago

    Better than any TV PROGRAM

  15. Brudda Chuck

    Brudda ChuckMonth ago

    Going to check out serendipity now!

  16. Jay Holland

    Jay HollandMonth ago

    Man this is exactly what I need to hear at this moment. Been having a rough one with unknown territory ahead of me. Not necessarily anyone's job to help me but it just feels good hearing these brothers and some of these positive comments. I wish you all the best even though it's tough for me but my time will come.

  17. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W^h^a^t^s^a^p^p to +1 ^4^3^2 ^2^45^ 0^8,-0^9.

  18. Lo Hayes

    Lo HayesMonth ago

    OMG I LOVE THESE GUYS !!! I feel like there my FAMILY!*** It's like having my brothers over every Thursday shooting the breeze! Love me some Inky Too been rocking with ETA for many years!

  19. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W^h^a^t^s^a^p^p to +1 ^4^3^2 ^2^45^ 0^8,-0^9.

  20. Monique D

    Monique DMonth ago

    Enjoyed the podcast and happy for Inky launching his podcast "Serendipity"

  21. Demetria Farewell

    Demetria FarewellMonth ago

    It's crazy amazing that these guys can continuously provide fresh purpose driven information. Thank God for our Black Kings!

  22. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W"h"a"t"s"a"p"p o"n"l"y t"o i"n"v"e"s"t..

  23. Immigrant Trucker

    Immigrant TruckerMonth ago

    Start listen ET in Africa... now I’m here and I’m BEAST MODE

  24. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W"h"a"t"s"a"p"p o"n"l"y t"o i"n"v"e"s"t...

  25. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago


  26. maya brown

    maya brownMonth ago

    Yay Inky has a podcast!!

  27. bluedagreat

    bluedagreatMonth ago

    I have gotten so attached to watching/listening to this podcast..I get so much better in steering my life in the right direction everytime I listen. I pray and hope one day to have a platform to get so many more ppl onboard with personal growth. Thank you guys for all you do...2021 Let's GO!!

  28. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W"h"a"t"s"a"p"p o"n"l"y t"o i"n"v"e"s"t...

  29. Brock *BeeRockDaGreat* Wilson

    Brock *BeeRockDaGreat* WilsonMonth ago

    BRUH! INK SO FIRE 🔥 BRUH! I almost teared up when he said, "no, das da blessin" 😢

  30. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W"h"a"t"s"a"p"p o"n"l"y t"o i"n"v"e"s"t..

  31. Split Media Solutions

    Split Media SolutionsMonth ago

    Consistently inspired by this podcast and group of gentlemen who require and challenge us to be better. I’ll be doing my assessment within the next 90 days. I owe me!

  32. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago

    W"h"a"t"s"a"p"p o"n"l"y t"o i"n"v"e"s"t...

  33. Eric Thomas

    Eric ThomasMonth ago


  34. Jayson Graham

    Jayson GrahamMonth ago


  35. Krissy Black

    Krissy BlackMonth ago

    Can you guys do a podcast on fatherhood? Like what are the qualities of being a great father, not just financially.

  36. English Teacher Reacts

    English Teacher ReactsMonth ago

    Overhearing[a] what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

  37. @HBP_Kenny _

    @HBP_Kenny _Month ago

    "Can't talk about the Fruits without talking about the Roots "-ET. that's a Bar!🔥

  38. Djen Inspires

    Djen InspiresMonth ago

    I was wondering when we were going to get Inky back on the show.I always love learning from everyone of you ,especially Inky. This was an amazing show and so needed in this time where all of us especially as black people are looking for a way to rise above our circumstances.

  39. Malcom X

    Malcom XMonth ago

    🌹 in the concrete Tupac Sweatshirt

  40. Malik Martin

    Malik MartinMonth ago

    It's so good to see my guy Inky back on the Podcast. I first discovered Inky on this Podcast and I've been following ever since. Counterfeit Passion is still my favorite episode.

  41. Chari Twitty-Hawkins

    Chari Twitty-HawkinsMonth ago

    Congrats on the new network! It is going to be AMAZING!!!

  42. michelle bowens

    michelle bowensMonth ago

    You guys are amazing! The information you guys put out is the most authentic I have ever heard. You guys are the real deal! Keep building our Kings!

  43. George M

    George MMonth ago

    ABC Another Bad Creation. Keep 🆙 the GREAT work guys. Thank You for speaking financial life into your audience.

  44. GiGi Graves

    GiGi GravesMonth ago

    Hello Family!! Love it!

  45. Darius Smith

    Darius SmithMonth ago

    Yooo I love Carl transparency. From accepting his role as GC to exposing his mentality as well as his financial situation; his humbleness is truly a secret 2 success

  46. S H

    S HMonth ago

    Is this a story behind the Shirt 👕 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Jakavese Little

    Jakavese LittleMonth ago

    Its crazy I was listening to Inky on spotify before I knew he was with S2S just the little videos now he got a podcast too 🤦🏾‍♂️ double motivation throughout the weak #grindmode

  48. LeRonn McGowan

    LeRonn McGowanMonth ago

    That was another Great episode that I'm going to re listen too! Thanks fellas!!!

  49. silver2zilver

    silver2zilverMonth ago

    I wonder if E.T knows ppl are remixing this content? Hopefully they don't take it down tho cus it's pretty good

  50. Seki

    SekiMonth ago

    Thank you Kings for this extraordinary message. We appreciate you ❤️

  51. Dreams

    DreamsMonth ago

    I hope the next time ET comes to DC that Inky is apart of the group as well

  52. Cole Aceret

    Cole AceretMonth ago

    Stimulus check!🤣

  53. D M

    D MMonth ago

    Inky is on to it... A lot of geniuses wear/ wore the same fit all the time because of putting all their attention into the craft. Steve Jobs for example💡

  54. Xhawn Xrmstrong

    Xhawn XrmstrongMonth ago

    💪🏾Powerful!!! 💎💎💎

  55. Nice Touch Editing Services

    Nice Touch Editing ServicesMonth ago

    “Like she ready to get her stimulus checked” 🤣😂 classic line from CJ

  56. Years of Progress

    Years of ProgressMonth ago

    E spazzzed on dis 1, my god! Appreciate y’all heavy man. #120 #MRR

  57. LeRonn McGowan

    LeRonn McGowanMonth ago

    How Inky get on the podcast before me?! (In my head I'm apart of the crew)

  58. Ms.FitVegan

    Ms.FitVeganMonth ago

    Great podcast!!!!! As always! Thank you for this valuable content!


    REALOYALTYMonth ago

    So many 💎... 🔥 🔥 #KINGMOTIVINGKING 👑🙌🏽

  60. Mr. Kyle Dixon

    Mr. Kyle DixonMonth ago

    Powerful talk from Kings..character is the true wealth.

  61. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    Been following ET for over 10+ years & Karl when you went in after 60 minutes, that's where I am now. I got 15+ Rental Properties and I am growing alongside you all doing it the right way. it's impossible not to grow with you guys blessing us weekly

  62. Jermaine Heath

    Jermaine HeathMonth ago

    You can not consistently watch and listen to these kings and not push, figure out, and bring out the king in you! Thank kings 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Robert Thompson-Eshun

    Robert Thompson-EshunMonth ago

    On the tree to success money is the lowest hanging fruit! 💯

  64. cohype

    cohype9 days ago

    Bro I love this!!!!!!!!!

  65. Jase Stigg

    Jase StiggMonth ago

    For a future topic, can you all discuss your biggest mistakes, errors during your process to success? Past and most recent?

  66. Ray Smith

    Ray SmithMonth ago

    Some of what et said is not facts but yeah y’all Should watch hidden colors. and remember there were black people already in America we all didn’t come from Africa

  67. Gabe Thomas

    Gabe ThomasMonth ago

    Ok big Mal you got loose, I'm 41 and yall gave me a different perspective. Great job

  68. william still

    william stillMonth ago

    Very thankful to God for you brothers, and all the work that you do 💯🙌.. God bless yall in abundance, yall sure do bless us abundantly with all your service to God's people. Thank you!🙏💪💯

  69. Taura Helms

    Taura HelmsMonth ago

    Viola Liuzzo was a white woman shot in the head and killed instantly. Her crime? She was transporting freedom riders. She left her husband and children in the North because equality was the right thing and was killed. And she was not rich.

  70. Sarah Fardoush

    Sarah FardoushMonth ago

    Hello. Would you please have Dr. Antonio Webb in the podcast? He is truly inspirational and I think it would be very beneficial for the community to hear his story.

  71. S Shaw

    S ShawMonth ago

    So true, ET, we have to teach our children the WHOLE story! 💯

  72. Steve Rodriguez

    Steve RodriguezMonth ago

    Stay safe you all... god bless

  73. Steve Rodriguez

    Steve RodriguezMonth ago

    Inky that’s right

  74. E. De Leon

    E. De LeonMonth ago

    its been way too long! glad to see Inky.

  75. Kal-El

    Kal-ElMonth ago

    Karl strikes me as an INFJ .... (I'm a Myers brigg fan) Much love as always! Thank you for such amazing, amazing content x

  76. Antonio Pino

    Antonio PinoMonth ago

    Statistics without context oftentimes ends up being very deceitful because it doesn't explain reality. The wealth Gap is real but what is the cause of the wealth Gap. Oftentimes what is left out of the discussion is family Dynamics and what actually consists of a person's net worth. If we were to compare Black married couples with white married couples with similar educational backgrounds and experience and the work field then we can see what is the racial wealth gap between comparable groups of Egypt races married with education that's similar and works parents that is similar that gives a more objective picture of the racial wealth Gap. But the black family that consists of over 70% of us children being born not only out of wedlock but into families of single parents and it's the polar opposite for white families then of course the racial wealth Gap it's going to be drastic. So this is more than just about race this is about a much deeper issue of why there is a racial wealth Gap and what we can actually do to solve the issue of why there is a wealth Gap.

  77. Antonio Pino

    Antonio PinoMonth ago

    I said the same thing just a little bit more elaborate we don't different opinion basically. Thanks for the feedback.

  78. Neal Spann

    Neal SpannMonth ago

    With all due respect Antonio, I think the point is it still boils down to our choices. Every individual has an opportunity to Do SOMETHING DIFFERENT, that opportunity is not capitalized by our community all of the time

  79. Adam Macias - Tech Reviews

    Adam Macias - Tech ReviewsMonth ago

    47:00 MJ is not the GOAT. Kobe was better than him but Brady the GOAT.

  80. C. StoneLive

    C. StoneLiveMonth ago

    Too funny Lolol but inspirational

  81. Kay Elpea

    Kay ElpeaMonth ago

    That’s MAJOR!! I love that...tell your children to speak up without allowing others to manipulate your REAL feelings and thoughts.....WOW- absolutely love it 🥰 because we know intimidation is real, but we DON’T have to succumb to it. 💥

  82. Soloman Johnson

    Soloman JohnsonMonth ago

    Keep up the "KING TALK" fellas.

  83. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    Weekly check in with the goats. Excited for this one, love Inky

  84. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    01:01:00 the best review!

  85. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    33:38 Leaving wealth gave me goosebumps too!!

  86. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious InvestorMonth ago

    26:00 facts. Hard to hear and for some people to understand but the whole context needs to be shared

  87. Rashaad thegr8

    Rashaad thegr8Month ago

    Once we change our mindset to view debt as slavery as the bible does we will always be at the 17,150 mark. People still think debt is normal, which unfortunately it is but just because its normal does't mean its cool or it has to be your normal. It's not cool its' slavery. You can't be pro black and pro debt.

  88. Debow Suddenly Abundance

    Debow Suddenly AbundanceMonth ago

    This podcast is always full of information that changes lives and I am ever so grateful that I can be apart of the community. Salute to the ETA movement.

  89. Dasecond88

    Dasecond88Month ago

    I thank God for giving mE the opportunity to be there for the burdeners but I appreciate Him even more for the drive to learn how to include them on my mission.

  90. Carmya Dorsey

    Carmya DorseyMonth ago

    Karl came with A WORD! 1:02:00 #solocreatorpro crew!!

  91. Michael Mariner

    Michael MarinerMonth ago

    Great dialogue! Great to see Inky back on the show! Straight 🔥🔥🔥

  92. Franmy Gomez

    Franmy GomezMonth ago

    Amazing episode Fellas! Looking forward to check out Inkys podcast!

  93. Meja Me

    Meja MeMonth ago

    Thank you guys

  94. Don Biz

    Don BizMonth ago

    Great Ep, good to see the Bro INK on there he one of my inspirations too, imma bout to check out his podcast next, Much love

  95. Adam Macias - Tech Reviews

    Adam Macias - Tech ReviewsMonth ago

    Anytime I listen to Inky I always sit in my chair differently.

  96. PrK Zoomin

    PrK ZoominMonth ago

    As you start to workout on the way, the way appears.

  97. Jay Gee

    Jay GeeMonth ago

    The Resonance Network takeover is gonna be something else!

  98. Zak's Story

    Zak's StoryMonth ago

    You know it’s going to be a special episode when Inky & ET both here

  99. Prada1K

    Prada1KMonth ago

    This podcast was full of GREAT knowledge. I appreciate the time spent and words said because I definitely needed to hear this. Thank You🙏🏾

  100. True Vibes

    True VibesMonth ago


  101. True Vibes

    True VibesMonth ago


  102. Catherine Huff

    Catherine HuffMonth ago


  103. True Vibes

    True VibesMonth ago

    I'm in the building 🙌🏽🙏🏽

  104. Jacques Smith

    Jacques SmithMonth ago

    ET with that talk on certain parts of black history , he need to watch Hidden Colors 💯💯💯

  105. English Teacher Reacts

    English Teacher ReactsMonth ago

    I'm sure he has seen it

  106. Lorenzo Jackson

    Lorenzo JacksonMonth ago

    The energy Ink brings to everything is amazing 💪🏽💪🏽

  107. Franmy Gomez

    Franmy GomezMonth ago

    Facts! 💯

  108. Old Dudes Wisdom - Life requires Wisdom Channel

    Old Dudes Wisdom - Life requires Wisdom ChannelMonth ago

    Indeed, if you do not Sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice. Nothing good comes cheaply so we should not be surprised when we meet the hard while going for the best 🖖

  109. Catherine Huff

    Catherine HuffMonth ago

    Hey Inky!!! Good to see you again on the Podcast!!!

  110. Catherine Huff

    Catherine HuffMonth ago

    Hello Podcast Family!!! LET'S GO!!! Its Going to be Another PHENOMENAL PODCAST with INKY!!!!!!!!

  111. Beatrice Stackhouse

    Beatrice StackhouseMonth ago

    Lol who’s time zone

  112. Beatrice Stackhouse

    Beatrice StackhouseMonth ago

    6:00 which time zone

  113. MaskMediaEmpire™

    MaskMediaEmpire™Month ago


  114. Ebay Addicts

    Ebay AddictsMonth ago

    Hit the like button 👍👍👍

  115. Kknewkles Wildwision

    Kknewkles WildwisionMonth ago

    Finally, Inky and Karl in the same episode! :D