S2S Episode 268 Never Flinch

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  1. HMG Creatives Network

    HMG Creatives Network18 hours ago

    Gordon nicked name “Whipped Peter” African American who escaped from plantation in Louisiana.

  2. Mumba Elocutionist

    Mumba Elocutionist2 days ago

    Wait... That wasn't Gordon Parks???

  3. silver2zilver

    silver2zilver3 days ago

    When CJ talked about the flinch, i vibrated bro. Sometimes u guys sound like u already made it and I can’t relate cus im grinding. This one had the gems we’ve been digging for in other podcasts. This one reminded me of ET interview with lewis Howes. That same energy of coming up is so much better to digest

  4. Sir Dagger43

    Sir Dagger434 days ago

    @etthehiphoppreacher yall should've hit on the reverse affect of when a parent steps in for they're son on the bench robbing the better players, because they feel like their kids should be playing. That leaves the good players feeling like im working my butt off to play and they jus here for participation why I gotta sit.

  5. Gillie Abdiraxman-Issa

    Gillie Abdiraxman-Issa4 days ago

    I learn so much all the time. And, I love the summary guide and reflection questions.

  6. Truth or Wisdom

    Truth or Wisdom4 days ago


  7. TRX_Fit_4Life

    TRX_Fit_4Life4 days ago

    This Podcast is “Life-Giving”....🔥🔥🔥....gotta make sure our children are “Mentally/Emotionally” equipped to handle the “World”....👍🏽💯💯💯💯

  8. Jovonda Howard

    Jovonda Howard4 days ago

    Karl , Sudafed and decongestants/sinus meds work really well for "flight ear pressure"


    LISAA JOHNSON4 days ago

    Jemal you are on point. You are a visionary, one who sees beyond his normal capacity to see. Ase.'

  10. In the Pod with Coach Avery.

    In the Pod with Coach Avery.4 days ago

    You didn't say virgin drinks the first time- ET 😂😭


    LISAA JOHNSON4 days ago

    Gordon Parks! The renowned photojournalist who left an indelible mark on the culture. Yall need a little lesson. But I appreciate your vulnerability of not knowing.

  12. Michaela Boyd

    Michaela Boyd4 days ago

    Whose Gordon..Lo

  13. Sheknita Davis

    Sheknita Davis4 days ago

    Ordered the seasoning

  14. strictlyplumbers isac

    strictlyplumbers isac4 days ago


  15. strictlyplumbers isac

    strictlyplumbers isac4 days ago


  16. strictlyplumbers isac

    strictlyplumbers isac4 days ago

    You guys are DOPE. E.T.

  17. strictlyplumbers isac

    strictlyplumbers isac4 days ago

    Amen. Isaac Rowe.

  18. GiGi Graves

    GiGi Graves5 days ago

    Happy Valentine's Day! ❤🎶🎺💕🕺🏾💃🏾🎶🥂🧁🍓

  19. Wendell Mosby

    Wendell Mosby5 days ago

    I was blessed here fellas. You guys dropped some gems with the super powers especially for parents. #BigUps

  20. Djen Inspires

    Djen Inspires6 days ago

    Fire podcast as always guys.I believe my super power is always lending a listening ear to others and connecting with people on the level that they are at.I believe that we are most fulfilled in life when we are using our super power in connection with the purpose we have been placed on this earth to complete .

  21. The Love Is Podcast

    The Love Is Podcast6 days ago

    Every podcast.... EVERY podcast you will learn something from this podcast that will move the needle in your life.... just apply.

  22. Caesar__

    Caesar__7 days ago

    As soon as Mal said the first sentence starting at 1:15:12, I knew he was gonna go in.

  23. Bill McCleskey

    Bill McCleskey7 days ago

    Gordon Parks y’all! Photography and journalist. He has a great documentary out. Catch it.

  24. Ralph Clay Jr

    Ralph Clay Jr7 days ago

    Another great podcast...

  25. Ruth R

    Ruth R7 days ago

    Love the podcast as always and 100% of not affirming foolishness! #goodplayersdonthavepoliticproblems #createthevision

  26. angela houston

    angela houston7 days ago

    E, if you don't PREACH!! Children need that grit!! Don't set them up for failure!!

  27. Fred Hines

    Fred Hines7 days ago

    Even just relaxed the podcasts come with Fire! Appreciate all of you guys!

  28. Bustin Hymen

    Bustin Hymen7 days ago

    The minute that cold air hit that warm glass that crack started to spread had that with a chipped windshield one time defrost killed it

  29. angela houston

    angela houston7 days ago

    Gordan Parks

  30. Premira

    Premira7 days ago

    Can we please get the track playing when they doing the reading it is so motivational

  31. Richard Baldwin

    Richard Baldwin7 days ago

    Best podcast out there!!!

  32. Richard Baldwin

    Richard Baldwin7 days ago

    Love these guys!!! Inspirational 👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥🔥

  33. Tanaya Thomas

    Tanaya Thomas7 days ago

    Gordon Parks! A major Photo Journalist/Artist during the Civil rights.

  34. Inga Gillett-Spio

    Inga Gillett-Spio7 days ago

    That's who I thought of immediately too.

  35. Akeem Allen

    Akeem Allen7 days ago

    I was looking for this comment. Thank you!

  36. The Anxious Investor

    The Anxious Investor7 days ago

    no wonder they loved the virgin cocktails haha!

  37. Son of Eternity

    Son of Eternity7 days ago

    Bro real talk. U said u wasn’t even tryna do a podcast but If there was ONE podcast that I had to choose that I wish would’ve never ended, this was it. Really had me diggin deep to find and acknowledge my “intangible variables”. I heard y’all say so many times “ur gift is what u do well naturally” and it never hit me until this episode and now I’m realizing I NEVER capitalized on who I actually am. Crazy 🤯

  38. Split Media Solutions

    Split Media Solutions7 days ago

    Gordon Parks was the first African American photographer for Life & Vogue magazines. He is widely known for his work The Learning Tree and Shaft (1971).

  39. Robert Livingston

    Robert Livingston7 days ago

    ET going Rated X talking about Spread em 😂😂😂

  40. xBaNgxBigBadMike909

    xBaNgxBigBadMike9098 days ago

    This is my 1st time seeing the squad lol I've been on the podcast only

  41. MLR97

    MLR972 days ago

    Haha I’ve done that in the past. Actually with Shawn Stevenson, and I saw him and it was like totally different then what I expected!

  42. silver2zilver

    silver2zilver3 days ago

    I wonder what you expected vs what u got

  43. Zakaria Sharyan

    Zakaria Sharyan8 days ago


  44. Hellsing Ghrey

    Hellsing Ghrey8 days ago

    CJ's jokes!!! 😂😂😂 Maybe practicing Wing Qun and listening at the same time isn't the best idea 😂😂😂 don't wanna laugh and get hit in the face

  45. FitLife 120

    FitLife 1208 days ago

    Legendary talks on these pods

  46. Rashaad thegr8

    Rashaad thegr88 days ago

    What if Mal kids turn into the next Williams sisters. Everthing CJ, ET, and Karl touch turns into gold.

  47. Will Flint

    Will Flint8 days ago

    Checking in from Jasper, AL let’s gooooooo!🤝⚡️⚡️⚡️

  48. Alicia Burchell

    Alicia Burchell8 days ago

    What if you're 40 and still not accomplished?? 😳

  49. Robert Livingston

    Robert Livingston7 days ago

    Most millionaires get their millions in their 40s 50s and 60s.. I’m 44 and I know it’s coming. Just purchased 6 acres to start my housing development.

  50. Alicia Burchell

    Alicia Burchell8 days ago

    Can you guys better explain to me what an intangible gift is? Your show is great! Thanks for the insights.

  51. Kanileigh Louder

    Kanileigh Louder8 days ago

    Some are gifted to be a magnet for great people- some excel in leadership- some strategists- an intangible is a quality that you have that could further be developed already in your possessions

  52. Joey Rahmati

    Joey Rahmati8 days ago

    I love yall, C and Carl work on your headphone cable management 😅

  53. Robert Livingston

    Robert Livingston7 days ago


  54. Pallavi Tiwari

    Pallavi Tiwari8 days ago

    Eric thomas is my favorite motivational speaker at all...... I am his big fan...love from India.....

  55. Todd Watson

    Todd Watson8 days ago

    Gordon Parks

  56. Insightful Principles

    Insightful Principles8 days ago

    Great content, one of the best personal development podcasts I listen to on the regular!

  57. Jeran Price

    Jeran Price8 days ago

    The life of a hero defeating the tyrant

  58. Flzp

    Flzp8 days ago

    good stuff.

  59. Kenny Blanco

    Kenny Blanco8 days ago

    Gordon Parks!

  60. obai n.k Karefasmart

    obai n.k Karefasmart8 days ago

    😃 let go

  61. Jermaine Heath

    Jermaine Heath8 days ago

    I used to rely on my natural ability and didn't listen but life and God hit me crazy and I was made to humble myself and listen. It's been a challenging discovery but well worth it. I can relate!

  62. Christopher Goods

    Christopher Goods8 days ago

    Leh get it!!

  63. Affirmations For Growth

    Affirmations For Growth8 days ago

    Cj the glue. Dream team form lets go!🎯

  64. Ebay Addicts

    Ebay Addicts8 days ago

    Hit the like button 👍👍

  65. entrepreneurfitz

    entrepreneurfitz8 days ago


  66. Lloyd Bodle

    Lloyd Bodle8 days ago

    Good to be with y'all from Goodyear, AZ!

  67. Lloyd Bodle

    Lloyd Bodle8 days ago

    @daniel miles we should link.up

  68. daniel miles

    daniel miles8 days ago

    I’m right down the way in Litchfield!!!

  69. LeRonn McGowan

    LeRonn McGowan8 days ago

    Aww man I thought it was out already. Guess I'll be back later!

  70. Robert Livingston

    Robert Livingston9 days ago

    Come on CJ you can’t put up a premier that’s over 12hrs away🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ that’s too much suspense 😂😂. I’m patiently waiting though🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂✊🏾

  71. silver2zilver

    silver2zilver7 days ago


  72. LeRonn McGowan

    LeRonn McGowan8 days ago


  73. Bruce Majonga Music

    Bruce Majonga Music9 days ago

    Waiting to watch from South Africa! Will watch at the middle of the night.Let's go 😅