Eric Thomas - What's Your Excuse ? #Shorts

Be Stronger than your Excuses!!!
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  1. Jayreed4Jesus

    Jayreed4Jesus6 days ago


  2. Uptown ABE

    Uptown ABEMonth ago


  3. PrK Zoomin

    PrK ZoominMonth ago

    A Good Quote, Never go in search of love, go in search of life, and life will find you the love you seek.

  4. Burning 1/8ths

    Burning 1/8thsMonth ago

    Bruh, the way he leaned back with that ET swagger with his hands folded after he said what’s your excuse; that’s beast mode

  5. switchblade jim

    switchblade jimMonth ago

    Best thing to happen to me was having my biological father in my life. #Perspective

  6. Damarcus Mitchell

    Damarcus MitchellMonth ago

    Something yall ain't telling me lol

  7. Coach Bailey Cooper

    Coach Bailey CooperMonth ago

    I can't wait to speak beside you on stage and tell you how you inspired me to stop being homeless in 2005. I love you Eric. My tribute to you is the rest of my life honoring your legacy 🎖amen 🙏woooo!

  8. Magnum Motivation

    Magnum MotivationMonth ago

    “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” -George Washington

  9. Athletiks MB

    Athletiks MBMonth ago


  10. jessie zamarripa

    jessie zamarripaMonth ago

    ET I’m loving these short videos, Man I started listening to you about 7 years ago and u have changed my life sm I owe u ; ET keep doing what your doing 💪🏽

  11. DenizzB.

    DenizzB.Month ago

    Please put Turkish subtitles

  12. Faith Robles

    Faith RoblesMonth ago


  13. Exclusively Tay

    Exclusively TayMonth ago

    The past is the past make your future better then your past!!

  14. Fire Tsunami

    Fire TsunamiMonth ago

    I can't get to the future, bcz my future has given up on me

  15. Be The Pioneer

    Be The PioneerMonth ago

    *Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.* Have a nice day

  16. Create Quantum Wealth

    Create Quantum WealthMonth ago

    Create wealth, not excuses!!

  17. Create Quantum Wealth

    Create Quantum WealthMonth ago

    @Sean Regehr 💯

  18. Sean Regehr

    Sean RegehrMonth ago

    Focus on creating value first. Value for yourself and value for others. Wealth follows and rewards value and credit is given where credit is due. Value is the solution to the needs of the people. So learn to listen more to identify those needs. Then create the solution and add you value to claim your reward.

  19. Marco Mendez

    Marco MendezMonth ago

    Love u ET

  20. Donte Lee

    Donte LeeMonth ago

    🤧follow what you love